Salt is important for sexual and reproduction

There is increasing scientific evidence that a sufficient supply of salt is an essential foundation for a fulfilling sex life and overall fertility of a man and a woman.

Aphrodite arose after the myth of the severed and thrown into the sea of sex Uranus, by his son. Another version assumes that Aphrodite was born from a shell and the foam of the sea emerged. Anyway it came to procreation - the saltwater of the sea seems to play an essential role to have.

The Greek goddess of love is according to their production in the sea as the "foam-born" or also known as the "Born in the salt water" means. "Aphrodite personifies not only the feminine beauty, but also the origin of mankind from salty foam," write Bernard M. Moinier and Tilman B. Dr├╝eke, Paris, in an overview article in the journal "Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation" *.

Salt controls the sexuality and fertility?

The ancient Greeks after their presentation recognized that salt is vital for humanity. Systematically investigated the relationship between salt and health seems to be the first time of Aristotle. He described in sheep, the need for a well-balanced fluid and mineral budgets for the health of animals. Aristotle noted correlations between the fertility of animals and their salt supply firmly. An adequate supply of salt seems to be the early observations of the Greek philosophers, is a prerequisite for procreation and birth to be. But also equally important for the quality of the milk, so breeding ewes and in early Greece, with additional salt rations were supplied.

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