Propecia Hair Loss- a Proven Therapy

For men hair loss is a sensitive issue. Medical science clearly points out the cause of hair loss. Even though we read in many magazines that the main cause for hair loss is from both hormones and genetics, male pattern hair loss is noticed among 95 percent of all individuals suffering from hair loss. The main role in the male pattern hair loss is played by DHT. The DHT can be controlled by using Propecia. Hair loss cannot be seen after using Propecia.
When your body holds more DHT, the hair follicles become finer and thinner until the hair is permanently falling. DHT is the main hormone used extensively in the early stages of the human population. DHT completely shrivels the hair follicle until it no longer produces noticeable hair.
An evident cause of hair loss is an excess of DHT. The reasons for hair loss are still obscure. But research shows the that men suffering from male pattern hair loss have higher level of DHT particularly in the scalps. In the normal cycle, the hair passes out three phases- Expansion, falling off, and new expansion. The presence of DHT quickens the falling out phase and shortens the expansion phase. This results in hair thinning on the scalp.
In general DHT binds with the genetically vulnerable follicle receptor which is in the hair on the scalp. Propecia prevents the conversion of testosterone into DHT thereby preventing hair loss. Propecia (Finasteride) was called Proscar in early days. This was extensively used to control hair loss.
Propecia prevents hair loss by blocking the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase, which in turn reduces the DHT level in the scalp.
However, Propecia has not been found to restore re-growth in frontal areas. Propecia produces massive results when it has been conjugated with Rogaine especially for hair re-growth in the crown area of the scalp. The frontal hairline area can be restored with hair only by transplant surgery. In addition to this hair loss prevention with Propceia is limited to older men. Better results can be achieved if you have been suffering from baldness for less than 5 years.Most physicians prescribe Propecia, hair loss halting rather than re-growth and then go for transplantation for the lost hair.
You should remember to take Propecia every day at least 3 to 6 months for getting positive results. Once you stop taking Propecia, the hair loss continues.
Propecia was used to treat prostates in early days. Propecia should not be taken by pregnant women since it may lead to neonatal anomalies. This product should be used continuously for three months to prevent hair loss. But this may have a side effect of lack of sex drive and impotency.

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Yoga Meditation Techniques 4

Withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara)

The fifth limb, pratyahara, involves the detachment of the mind from the sensory organs, in other words, shutting out the external world from our senses. To put it another way, it means the ability to wean one;s thoughts from the endless fleeting sensations upon which they feed.

Pratyahara literally means ‘gathering towards’ or ‘gathering in’. It is therefore the reigning in and integration of our scattered thoughts. We actually do this frequently without realizing it, as a means to stat subconsciously with our object of interest at any given time. For example, while we are fully absorbed in reading a book, we are not conscious of peripheral sounds such as the clock ticking. But when we stop reading the book and remain silent, it is then that we notice the ticking of the clock. Any form of intense concentration has the same effect. Lying in a sense deprivation tank would give you an experience of sense withdrawal. But what the yogi seeks through mastery of pratyahara in the conscious ability to sustain this withdrawal of the senses. There are many techniques to achieve this, but the methods of mindful one-pointed focus such as anapana result in the mastery of concentration (dharana).

Pratyahara is most clearly symbolized by the yoni mudra, whereby the mouth, nose and eyes are closed with the fingers, and the ears are blocked with the fingers, and the ears are blocked with the thumbs. This serves to insulate the senses from distraction, thereby freeing the attention to dwell in the internal or mystic sounds called nadas, in particular, the sounds generated by the heart, known an anahata sounds.

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Yoga Meditation 3 - Attentiveness to higher consciousness( ishvara pranidhana )

This involves letting go of your ego’s grip and placing trust in the validity of your spiritual practice. It is an invitation to stop clinging, and therefore to trust that all will work out better for you if you follow the path of mindfulness rather that the blind slavery of the ego and senses. For the more religiously inclined, this could mean ‘giving oneself ‘or ‘surrendering’ to the Divine. For others, it can mean
unconditionally trusting a guru or at least some higher principle.

These first two limbs (the yamas and niyamas) lay down guidance for the moral standards and conduct expected of the sincere seeker. They are not meant to delay practice of meditation until one has developed a flawless morality, but offer a checklist to measure your higher personal growth and development. In other words, the list is not strictly hierarchical. It does not mean that you must first master the abstinences and observances before practicing the postures and then the breathing; all before specifically working on the mind. Instead, you should take note of the abstinences and observances and press on with your practice of meditation (and yoga asanas if you practice hatha yoga).

Whats is being said here is that the practice of meditation is much easier if you have your ethics and morals under control, because that majes for less distraction and guilt in life. But the practice of meditaion will of itself cause you to reflect and be more aware of your conduct and interaction with others. As a result, your ethical and moral standards and practices will naturally be modified if you meditate regularly.
Limbs three and four are the postures (asanas) and the breath controls (pranayama) that belong to the practice of mastering the body, known as hatha yoga. This subject is covered within innumerable books. Since we are focusing on the methods of meditation, we will move on to limbs five to eight on the next post.

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Yoga Meditation – 2

The five observances (niyamas)

The five observances in Yoga Meditation are: purity, contentment, austerity, study, and attentiveness to higher principles.

1. Purity (saucha)

This includes specific methods to purge the body of poisons and to maintain hygiene. It includes advice about eating pure and appropriate foods. It is based on the idea that to purify the body helps to purify the mind.

2. Contentment (santosha)

This reminds us that meditation, whether or not practiced as an integral part of yoga, is accompanied by serenity of mind and greater harmony within ourselves and with our surroundings. Contentment is both a result of meditation and a psychological state that will help prevent us from being distracted during our meditation.

3. Austerity (tapas)

This term has often been mistaken to mean excessive asceticism or even deliberate self-inflicted mortification. It really refers to the application of sufficient self-discipline to achieve your goal, which in this context is samadhi. It is equivalent too the Buddhist ‘middle way’, which encourages the avoidance of extreme laziness on the one hand and extreme overexertion on the other.

4. Study (svadhyaya)

This has two aspects. One aspect is self-enquiry, leading to such questions as “who am I?” or “what am I?” to be addressed repeatedly until the ego is finally stripped away, leaving one’s essential being exposed. The other aspect includes the mindful study of appropriate written material, which in the context of traditional Indian yoga would include classic texts such as the Upanishads. Buddhist yogis would study the Buddhist Sutras and Tantras, and yogis within other traditions would study the appropriate texts related to that tradition.

Next Post: The last observances "Attentiveness to higher consciousness".

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Yoga Meditation – 1

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yoga meditation has an ultimate goal to reach self–realization which in Sanskrit is called Samadhi. There are 8 disciplines that one should understand before able to reach it. What are they?

In the literature of yoga meditation, the most systematic and useful book that describes the raja yoga path is the yoga sutras, written by Patanjali between 200 and 300 BCE. The second section of this classic book (as commented upon by many modern books on yoga) describes the disciplines designed to lead one progressively to Samadhi. These disciplines are known as the eight limbs or angas of yoga. Their aim is to ‘purify’ the mind progressively so that the route to Samadhi is smooth. Patanjali did not originally conceive these eight limbs; that happened much earlier in antiquity, but he was the first and most important codifier. The eight limbs (ashtanga) of yoga are:

- Abstinences ( yamas )
- Observances ( niyamas )
- Postures ( asanas )
- Breath controls ( pranayana )
- Withdrawal of the senses (pratyahara )
- Concentration (dharana )
- Contemplation or meditation (dhyana)
- Absorption or self- realization ( Samadhi )
Now we will take a look each of those limbs of yoga meditation in deep. We begin with the first one yamas.

The five abstinences ( yamas )

These involve abstinence form killing and violence, false hood, theft, damaging sexual behaviour and greed.

1. Non-violence (ahimsa)

This means extending compassion to all sentient creatures.

2. Truth fullness (satya)

This means not only abstaining from telling lies, but being sincere in all dealings with others. In other words, avoiding deceit at any level.

3. Non-stealing (asteya)
This includes abstinence from theft on all levels. It demands mindfulness of all your daily activities, to ensure that nothing is acquired, either materially or non-materially, by means other than through the strict observance of fairness and honesty.

4. Chastity and continence (brahmacharya)
In narrow sense, this means abstinence from the sexual act, so that the powerful sexual energy can be transmuted into the impetus for ultimately gaining enlightenment. This level of abstinence only really applies within a monastic situation. In ordinary life, it should be interpreted as restraint from a wasteful overindulgence in sexual activity, rather than a general judgement about the morals of sex.

5. Non-possessiveness (aparigrapha)
This can be translated as ‘non-hoarding’, but does not imply one should have no possessions. It means that we should not be enslaver by our possessions, or that their presence or the desire for them should not dominate our mind.

Next: The Five Observances (niyamas) of Yoga Meditation.

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Yoga Meditation - The Basic II

As you progress through your yoga meditation practice, you’ll find that there are various yoga paths available.

The main yoga paths are classically listed as:
- Raja yoga: union by mental control, focusing on meditation and concentration
- Karma yoga: union by action, eliminating the ego and attachments through selfless service
- Bhakti yoga: union by devotion, through conversion of the emotions into devotion centered on the divine
- Jnana yoga: union by knowledge, using the intellect to break bondage to the material world.

Of the above, bhakti yoga is most readily considered synonymous with religion, while both raja and jnana yoga are considered the most ‘scientific’.

To the above list we can also add the following:

- Hatha yoga: an aspect of raja yoga, which works with the energies of the body and mind through exercises, postures and breathing methods

- Mantra (japa) toga: union by sound, repeating special words, sentences and incantations to take the meditator to the essence and source of thought (this can be incorporated into raja and bhakto yoga).

- Laya (latent) yoga: a combination of most other yoga paths, with an emphasis on kundalini yoga, which is the systematic raising of energy upwards through the chakras as a rapid route to enlightenment.

Most people who practice yoga meditation incorporate many of the above paths at some level. Hence, in practice, the distinctions implied by the labeling are not so rigid. The purpose of this section within this book is to extrapolate some meditation principles from yoga. In practice, this means considering the methods employed within raja yoga, including mantra yoga.

Now you have known the main paths of yoga meditation so you can choose which one is appropriate for you.

Next post: The eight limbs of yoga.

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Yoga Meditation Basic - I

Yoga meditation is a very popular method of meditation and this post will give you a clear perspective of yoga meditation.

Many people in the western world have traditionally associated meditation with yoga, which is the context within which many people practice it. The word yoga means “union” or “identification”, and comes from the same root as the verb “to yoke”. In very general terms, the word yoga can be applied to any systematic method geared towards attaining union” or “oneness” with true reality. It is particularly associated with the spiritual practice rooted in eastern philosophies. Thus, much of what has been discussed in my meditation post so far can be replaced within the practice of yoga.

However, the popular concept of yoga meditation is the practice of hatha yoga to gain control of the body, leading to raja yoga, to gain mastery of the mind. These aspects of yoga meditation are just two of a numbers of paths to union, or enlightenment, which ate practiced within the traditional philosophical frameworks of the Indian subcontinent. Most of these philosophies were developed by full-time meditators and sages known as “Rishis”. There are six categories of Indian philosophy (seven if you include Buddhism which is no longer practiced so much in India itself, but more so in adjoining countries). Yogic theory, as practiced today, stems mainly from two of six philosophies: the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and Vedanta which is based on ancient texts known as the Upanishads. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras give detailed instructions for hatha and raja yoga, whilst Vedanta offers the philosophical backbone of jnana yoga, which is the yoga meditation of using the intellect to enquire and contemplate. Yoga meditation can also be connected to Buddhism, especially yoga tantra, which forms and aspect of the Tibetan Vahrayana Buddhist practice. However, much of what has been discovered and within yoga meditation has been imported into other traditions, albeit often with some changes in terminology.

Yoga meditation is a science of personal development. As stated earlier, it is incorporated into many eastern religion, but is equally valid within any world religion, or divorced from religion altogether. To quote a famous Indian yogi called Ramakrishna: “Through yoga a Hindu becomes a better Hindu, a Christian a better Christian, a Moslem a better Moslem, and a Jew a better Jew.” The Hindu religion in particular borrows heavily from the classical Indian philosophies, therefore the iconography associated with the popular concept of yoga is common to Hinduism, especially in view of the fact that most Indian yoga gurus tend to be Hindus. As result, the other sacred works of the Hindu, such as the Bhagavad Gita, have had a great influence on the shaping of yoga meditation.

You may either be attracted or put off by an association of religion with your preferred meditation practice. As such, you can choose to take the whole package, religion and all, or you can cut through the cultural and religious accoutrements and extract the philosophical and practical essence of yoga to enrich your meditation practice.

Next we are going to talk about yoga paths in yoga meditation.

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Devotion Meditation

Devotion Meditation is an interesting method of meditation that requires a devotion faith.

Devotion in the context of spiritual practice tends to imply imply some from of belief and surrender to a higher immortal being, such as a god. That is, a being who inherently possesses all the attributes to which the devotee spires, and more. This view suggests that devotion is synonymous with religion. However, devotion can a also apply to nontheistic icons such as a Buddha , who has, within the same mortal limitations as you or I, attained ‘realization’ through spiritual practice. Thus, such an icon is selected to remind the devotee of his or her potential for reaching the same goal.

Devotion, therefore, usually has a ‘being’ as the object of devotion. But devotion can also be directed towards a more abstract focus, such as the ’ideal’ of compassion or universal love. This sort of devotional practice could be called a ’humanistic’ approach. However, most people find it easier to visualize an entity upon which their ideals can be projected.

Like all meditation method, devotion meditation requires and develops one-pointed concentration. Fundamentally, it uses the selected deity, icon or ideal as the focus, rather than something more neutral, such as flame the breath. How the focus is applied depends on one’s preferences and mental characteristics . some people like to use words that represent deities or ideals, hence we have devotional mantras. others like to focus on images of deities, or patterns representing perfected spiritual qualities ( mandalas), physical gestures, such as prostration, can also be used.

Devotion is not truly meditative if it is blind devotion. Blind devotion is an abdication of personal responsibility, often based on fear or some other insecurity. Rather than expand awareness, blind devotion can dull your mind into the narrow vision of the zealot. In other words, devotion is better used as a tool rather than as a prop.

Devotion requires a degree of faith. This is not quite the same as belief, because it is not based on irrefutable opinions or certainties. Here, faith refers to the optimism that will sustain us in our meditation practice. Whenever our actions have tangible result for example, when we feel calmer and happier within our practice, then our faith in that practice is reinforced. Faith is therefore open to constant re-evaluation in the light of our own experiences.

Initial faith may coexist with doubt, as we evaluate our meditation in terms of ‘success’ or ’failure’. With time, we begin to recognize that the ’ups’ and ‘downs’ of our devotion meditation efforts are the natural order of things.

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Sculpting Abs with Winsor Pilates Videos

Sculpting Abs with Winsor Pilates Video? Does it worth your money?

Have you ever seen a Winsor Pilates video or just the television commercial about Calcium Plus? With the catchy jingle “Stand straight, Stand out”? Well, great! That’s actually a concrete presentation of Winsor Pilates.

Winsor Pilates having created a booming impact on most of the fitness junkies, continue to show their amazing trend in Pilates exercises. In fact, many Winsor Pilates videos are on the market nowadays for those who are interested to experience the same great feeling with those other Winsor Pilates junkies. Anyways, Winsor Pilates videos can be applicable to everybody, young or elderly, whether physically fit or out of shape.

As I have said, many Winsor Pilates videos are on the market today, and most of those Winsor Pilates videos have their specific focus. For example, one of the Winsor Pilates videos that really challenge most of the amateurs and those who have taken Pilates classes is the Winsor Pilates video on Sculpting Abs with Winsor Pilates. This particular Winsor Pilates video is designed and conceptualized to provide a guide to those who wanted to sculpt their abs (you know, to shape and tone abs). In fact, most of the Winsor Pilates videos’ fanatics consider this certain Winsor Pilates video as a very time-efficient Winsor Pilates video. So I guess it really does work.

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To better challenge the readers of this article, several supporting information is provided. The Winsor Pilates video on sculpting abs has exercises that should be applicable to every beginner or intermediate if they exercise a bit or are hyper, but not a regular exerciser. Since that particular Winsor Pilates video is for sculpting abs, so it is therefore understandable that the toning emphasis is on the abdominals. The pleasure of Winsor Pilates video on abs sculpting does not yet end here because this specific Winsor Pilates video has complex and basic exercise. So the Pilates junkies can select complex if they love rococo combinations with lots of variations, or they can choose the basic if they like simple and easy-to-follow brawny routines. Lastly, the viewers of the Winsor Pilates video on sculpting abs can choose a particular level of impact either low impact to lessen stress on their knees and back, or higher impact if they are searching for moves that include jumps, skips or hops. So I further challenge everyone to better watch out before you begin sculpting your abs!

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Pregnancy Winsor Pilates: A Dove-Like Exercise for Moms

With all the does and doesn’t and the negative thoughts surrounding exercising during pregnancy, many of you will probably question if Winsor Pilates is right for pregnant women or not. Well, the answer is yes! In fact, most women nowadays catered to pregnancy Winsor Pilates.

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It is important to note that pregnancy Winsor Pilates exercises will strengthen and tone the pregnant women’s postural muscle that are used to carry the baby. Aside from that, pregnancy Winsor Pilates will also help during pregnancy delivery and get the mother back in shape after the birth. It is even amazing to know that pregnancy Winsor Pilates will help to make your labor easier and recover your figure. But this is not at all impossible because with pregnancy Winsor Pilates, by strengthening the back and developing posture, the burden of carrying the baby will be made easier with less risk of injury. The exercises involved in pregnancy Winsor Pilates are usually a non-sweat, cozy workout that you can do even if you are one or 31 weeks pregnant. Great! The pregnancy Winsor Pilates can also be very functional to your baby because pregnancy Winsor Pilates is a dove-like exercise that will revitalize extra oxygen and nutrients to circulate to your unborn child and with pregnancy Winsor Pilates the breathing techniques learned can help to a smoother delivery.

Furthermore, with the emergence of pregnancy Winsor Pilates, many pregnancy-specific routines were provided to help those pregnant women not to lose control with their bodies and to easily gain back their best posture. Most of those pregnant Winsor Pilates are offered for both early and late pregnancy with basic learning to post-birth exercises. The pregnancy Winsor Pilates are provided for all soon-to-be moms, whether you are an interested amateur or have taken Pilates classes.

The mystery of pregnancy Winsor Pilates continues to rise by using it as a way to take time for yourself, away from your stressful life, and in the end help you relax. So if you don’t want to lose power of your body just because you are pregnant, pregnancy Winsor Pilates is there for you.

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Affirmations a Handy Tool

Affirmations can be used to persuade your subconscious
to accept some personal quality to which you aspire,
enabling that quality to become a reality. This is
achieved by repeating some concise affirming words
that embody your aspiration. For example, if you want
to be clearer in speech because even mildly stressful
situations cause you to stammer to little, you might
repeat an affirmation such as: "My throat and chest
are relaxed; my speech is clear and precise."

Such affirmation work better if they are repeated
three times, three times per day at regular times. For
example, you could say to yourself: " my throat and
chest are relaxed…" three times to waking, three times
after lunch and then three times before you go to bed.
In this way, the affirmation is repeated nine times
per day. You can choose whether to say it aloud, say
it in your head, or write it down. Occasionally
writing your affirmations down, then burning then,
with the clear intention that the affirmation is
released into the 'ether' or the 'void', can work
well. Must of us believe that we need to give in order
to receive. Therefore, in order to manifest the full
fruit of you aspiration through affirmation, it is
good to offer something back to return. Consequently,
if you add "… I give that I shall receive" or "I give
so that this is so" after each affirmation, it will
remind you to do useful and generous things more often
than you would otherwise have done. It is amazing what
a difference this makes, and the spin- off is that you
become a more generous and thoughtful person.

In the context of spiritual practice, affirmations are
useful for reminding yourself of your spiritual
aspirations, which are to manifest the highest virtues
within yourself. For example, you might say to
yourself "I shed my ignorance and emerge into the
light" or "I speak only the truth." Remember to add "I
give so that is so".

The concept of affirmations is incredibly simple, yet
amazingly effective. In many spiritual disciplines the
reciting of mantras is practiced partly because they
are making subtle affirmations to the subconscious (
see mantras on pages 106-i29). For example, in the
Vedantic yoga tradition, the word 'Siva' ( pronounced
sheeva) is considered the allegorical embodiment with
positive the qualities necessary for the destruction
of negative traits, to make way for their replacement
with positive traits.

To the Hindu, the same word is the name of lord Siva,
a deity who embodies the same qualities. So repetition
of the Sanskrit mantra " OM Namah sivaya" invokes an
affirmation for the destruction of negativity within

Affirmation can also therefore be a tool for
reiterating your connection with deities or other
aspirants whom you trust will support you in your
spiritual quest. In that role they become a type of
player. A good example of this is when Buddhist say" I
take refuge in the Buddha, the dharma and the Sangha."
With these words they are affirming their connection
with, and their aspiration to be like, the Buddha, to
understand and live to the Buddhist teachings( the
dharma), and to affirm their support for the work and
aspirations of the custodians of those teaching( the

Aspirations are also an affective way of reminding
yourself why you are on your chosen spiritual path.
For example, you might be drawn to the Mahayana
Buddhist concept of donating the ' merits' of your
practice as a catalyst for helping others to become
enlightened, or at least to become as free from
suffering as possible. On that path you would
frequently say to yourself some thing like: " The
purpose of my life is to free all living brings from
all their problems and causes of their problems…..,"
to which you could also add"….. and to bring all
beings peace and happiness."

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Wisdom is really the insight gained through your life experience. It is not the knowledge, but the experiential understanding. In other words, you can be clever without being wise, and you can be wise without being an academic genius.

Meditation simply causes you to be more awake within life, so that more of your life is actually noticed by you. Therefore, it makes sense that meditation will lead to greater wisdom. Wisdom arises out of awakening. Total wisdom is the removal of all shadows, of all darkness. That is why it is called 'enlightenment'.

Enlightenment is a process characterized by a gradual expansion of consciousness, although this process is by no means smooth and regular. One can get to a level of awareness and then slip back and lose some of it. Diligent meditation practice is required to regain the momentum but, ultimately, consolidated progress will be made. However, the final step between not quite being fully enlightened and being fully enlightened may or may not be characterized by a sudden' dawning'. We all occasionally experience these mental transitions on a small scale, hence the expression " it suddenly dawned on me. Imagine the whole answer to creation just ' dawning' on you ! however, until the big dawning comes, if and when it will, do not underestimate the value of the gradual expansion of wisdom to be gained by your daily meditation practice. It is well worth the effort.

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Dual Action Green Tea Diet contains Chromium Picolinate which is essential for converting sugar into energy. This action of Dual Action Green Tea Diet helps you create lean muscles in your abs, pecs, and biceps. The Chromium Picolinate present in Dual Action Green Tea Diet also helps you build mass into your muscles. Greater muscle mass as a result of Dual Action Green Tea Diet lets you burn fat even when you’re sleeping.

Another powerful ingredient of Dual Action Green Tea Diet is Xenedrol which is actually a natural blend of nutrients. These nutrients found only in Dual Action Green Tea Diet were developed by doctors in order to help you lose fat while at the same time, curb your appetite.

Dual Action Green Tea Diet also includes the potent Advantra Z, a metabolizer. Unlike ephedra, Advantra Z in Dual Action Green Tea Diet helps you metabolize fats quickly without causing any shakes or jitters.

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Mega-T Green Tea Diet - 2

What’s the trick to a healthy, slender body? Think Mega-T Green Tea Diet.

Mega-T Green Tea Diet is made from 100% pure green tea extract. The green tea in Mega-T Green Tea Diet is rich with natural antioxidants that help increase your metabolic rates. These antioxidants found in Mega-T Green Tea Diet increase metabolism by promoting thermogenesis, the process by which the body converts fat into heat energy. So with Mega-T Green Tea Diet, you’re in for some major fat-burning!

Mega-T Green Tea Diet is also a great appetite-suppressant. Mega-T Green Tea Diet contains substances that affect the appetite hormone called noradrenaline. This hormone is responsible for triggering the body to feel hunger or food cravings. By suppressing the release of this hormone, Mega-T Green Tea Diet helps you control your appetite. Mega-T Green Tea Diet also aids you in overcoming your hunger pangs!

And to further seal the metabolic increase in your body, Mega-T Green Tea Diet also contains the substance Chromium. This substance in Mega-T Green Tea Diet is also a potent catalyst for speeding up your metabolism. Trust Mega-T Green Tea Diet to help you lose fats in a snap!

Garcinia Cambogia is another awesome ingredient you can find in Mega-T Green Tea Diet. Because of the presence of this herbal extract, Mega-T Green Tea Diet increases your ability to control your appetite. There’s less tendency for you to experience hunger pangs when you take Mega-T Green Tea Diet. Because Mega-T Green Tea Diet has the ability to “tell” your stomach that it’s full already, you no longer need to worry about overindulgence. Overeating and binging will be a thing of the past with Mega-T Green Tea Diet!

Think about it! With Mega-T Green Tea Diet, there’s even no need for you to go to the gym anymore! You can start shedding your fats by only taking two Mega-T Green Tea Diet capsules a day!

But if you’re the type who really likes to workout, then don’t think that Mega-T Green Tea Diet will stop you from doing that. Mega-T Green Tea Diet can optimize your workout results! Because Mega-T Green Tea Diet contains substances that are known energy-boosters, you won’t feel tired when you start your workout regimens!

Mega-T Green Tea Diet contains Guarana extract, an herb used by African natives to increase their vigor and energy levels during battle. Guarana in Mega-T Green Tea Diet will provide you with the energy that you need to perform your weight loss routines.

And if that isn’t enough, Mega-T Green Tea Diet also contains Siberian Ginseng. This root plant in Mega-T Green Tea Diet has benefits that equal even that of the acclaimed green tea (also found in Mega-T Green Tea Diet). Because of the high amount of Siberian Ginseng, Mega-T Green Tea Diet can give you the power you need to get your through your day with no problems at all. Mega-T Green Tea Diet will improve your strength and stamina! So keep up your energy and keep that healthy, slim body you were born to have with Mega-T Green Tea Diet!

Mega-T Green Tea Diet contains 300 mg caplets that are to be taken every after mid-morning and mid-afternoon meal with a full glass of water. You can achieve maximum results when using Mega-T Green Tea Diet in combination with the Special Diet Plan enclosed in the box.

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Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill

Tired of going to the gym everyday and not seeing any results? Want to go on to the fast-track with your diet but afraid of any harmful side-effects? Well, have we got the right product for you. Introducing the Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill, it’s your one way go to achieving a healthier, slimmer you.

Two Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pills is all you need. Take one Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill every after mid-morning meals and another Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill in mid-afternoons and you’re all set to shedding those extra pounds.

And what’s more? Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pills are absolutely safe to use! Unlike ephedra, Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pills contain only a small amount of caffeine which is a known substance that causes heart palpitations and irregular heart beats. Because there is less caffeine in Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill, there is less risk for you to develop any cardiovascular complications.

The high amount of green tea extract in Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill curbs your appetite and increases your metabolism at the same time. Studies have indicated that the antioxidants present in Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill can effectively suppress the release of noradrenaline, the appetite-stimulating hormone of the body. Without noradrenaline, you can rest assured that you will no longer have to suffer the torture of craving foods that are against your diet regimen.

The antioxidants found in Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill also have great thermogenic properties. Thermogenesis is the process wherein the body uses its fats to produce heat energy for the muscles. When working out, fat-burning occurs simultaneously with thermogenesis. Because Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill causes thermogenesis, you can lose all the fats that you want without having to exert too much effort.

Since the ancient times, green tea in Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill has been used as an herbal drink and a health supplement. Studies have shown that green tea in Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill can boost the immune system and cure various ailments like headaches, depression, indigestion, and even cancer. With Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill, you lose weight the fastest, healthiest way possible.

Other ingredients included in Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill are Bladderwack. Fo Ti, and Gotu Kola. These three ingredients of Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill are important diuretic substances. Excess water in the body contributes to flabby waists and bloated stomachs. By helping you reduce water in your body, Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill lets you keep your weight down and make you feel all the better for it!

Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill also contains Guarana, a known energy-booster. Guarana in Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill will give you the energy you need to perform all your weight loss routines. And if that isn’t enough, Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill also includes Siberian Ginseng among its many ingredients. Aside from increasing your stamina, the Siberian Ginseng found in Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill has many health benefits that equal those of traditional Chinese green tea. Mega-T Green Tea Diet Pill are said to promote mental alertness and physical performance because of its Ginseng content. More energy means more power to do exercises and gym workouts.

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Mega-T Green Tea Diet

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, we say a Mega-T Green Tea Diet caplet a day keeps the doctor away…indefinitely!

Mega-T Green Tea Diet is the newest weight loss product to hit the market. A unique blend of green tea and other ingredients, Mega-T Green Tea Diet is the one product that can promote mega weight loss.

Mega-T Green Tea Diet includes a high amount of green tea extract that helps suppress your appetite and at the same time, increase your metabolic rates. Green tea in Mega-T Green Tea Diet contains substances that affect how the hormone noradrenaline acts.

The key to controlling the appetite is by controlling the release of this hormone first. And with Mega-T Green Tea Diet, that shouldn’t be a hard task. Mega-T Green Tea Diet is a natural when it comes to suppressing the appetite.

Aside from being an appetite-suppressant, the green tea in Mega-T Green Tea Diet also helps promote thermogenesis in the body. Thermogenesis is the process wherein calories are converted into heat energy for the body to use. Mega-T Green Tea Diet contains polyphenols which are antioxidants that interact with each other to stimulate thermogenesis. In this regard, Mega-T Green Tea Diet helps increase your body’s metabolic rates and helps you burn fats faster. More fats burned means more weight lost!

Green tea in Mega-T Green Tea Diet also has other benefits aside from weight loss. Studies have shown that green tea in Mega-T Green Tea Diet can cure cancer, arthritis, ulcers, and other diseases. The antioxidants in Mega-T Green Tea Diet also help reduce the cholesterol levels of the body, thereby maintaining the delicate balance between LDL and HDL cholesterols. In this regard, Mega-T Green Tea Diet also helps reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks among its users.

Mega-T Green Tea Diet also contains chromium. Chromium in Mega-T Green Tea Diet helps prevent fat storage. This ingredient of Mega-T Green Tea Diet also increases your metabolic rates by increasing the rate at which fat is burned. Therefore, with Mega-T Green Tea Diet, you are in for some mega fat-burning!

Another ingredient of Mega-T Green Tea Diet is Garcinia Cambogia. This herb found Mega-T Green Tea Diet can help you overcome food cravings and hunger pangs. Garcinia Cambogia in Mega-T Green Tea Diet, like green tea, acts as a natural appetite-suppressant. In this way, Mega-T Green Tea Diet gives you the perfect method to avoid going overboard with your eating program. Remember, the lesser calories you take, the lesser calories you store!

Mega-T Green Tea Diet contains a small amount of caffeine to provide you with enough energy to get you through the day. But if that isn’t enough, especially if you’re working out, Mega-T Green Tea Diet also contains Guarana and Siberina Ginseng. These two herbs in Mega-T Green Tea Diet are known energy-boosters. So if you want energy for your workout regimens, then Mega-T Green Tea Diet is right for you! Mega-T Green Tea Diet will provide you with all the energy that you need in order to achieve a healthier, slimmer you!

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5 Tips for Natural Skin Care

To have a good skin is everyone's dream. Here are some tips about skin care naturally. Easy Tips.

Tip 1: Give Yourself a Dry Brush Exfoliation
A dry brush exfoliation can be done in the morning before you shower. It eliminates dead skin cells and allows the skin to detox (skin is the largest organ of elimination). Dry brush exfoliation also improves lymph and blood circulation and decreases puffiness. An added benefit is that the gentle pressure is calming to the nervous system. To give yourself a dry brush exfoliation, you'll need a soft, natural bristle brush.

* How to Give Yourself a Dry Brush Exfoliation

Tip 2: Rev Up Your Digestion
In alternative medicine, good skin is a reflection of a good digestive system. People with skin disorders such as acne, rosacea, and psoriasis often suffer from constipation, imbalanced "good" vs. "bad" bacteria, leaky gut, and other digestive conditions. The two most common sluggish digestion culprits are:

* Culprit #1: Not Enough Water Water bathes cells and eliminates waste products, preventing constipation. 5 Ways to Boost Your Water Intake

* Culprit #2: Not Enough Fiber Most people lack fiber in their diets - the average person eats only 12 g of fiber a day. In 2002, the National Academy of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board established recommended fiber intakes. For men aged 19-50 years, 38 g fiber is recommended, and for men over 50, 31 g fiber is recommended. For women aged 19 to 50 years, 25 g fiber is recommended, and for women over 50, 21 g fiber is recommended.

Some suggestions:
1. Add Whole Grains - Choose whole grain products over refined. Have brown rice instead of white or make your own 50:50 combination.
2. An Apple a Day - Have an apple, skin on, as a snack.
3. Eat Cauliflower - Try this delicious Roasted Cauliflower recipe!
4. High-fiber snacks - Snack on nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, such as dates, figs, and prunes.
5. Try a "Prune Power" Smoothie - Prunes are a great source of fiber. Start your day with this tasty Prune Power smoothie.
6. Eat Beans and Legumes - Open a can of your favorite beans or legumes. Rinse them well and add them to your meal.
7. Ground Flaxseeds - For any easy fiber boost, sprinkle ground flaxseeds (available at health food stores) on rice, salads, oatmeal, or any other meal. Store flaxseeds in the fridge.

Tip 3: Invigorate Sluggish Circulation
Do you sit at your desk for hours, only getting up to go to the bathroom? One of the best things you can do for your skin, stress level, and overall health is to get moving! Inactivity may affect skin and promote bloating and puffiness, acne, cellulite, and loss of muscle tone. You'll learn more about exercise in Step 9 of the Wellness Makeover. Here are some quick suggestions:

* Take a quick break to go outside and walk around the block.
* Book a massage therapy appointment.
* Close your door and stretch.
* Go to the gym.
* Start each morning by stretching.
* Get a skipping rope.

Tip #4: Avoid Excess Sugar
Most people do not realize this but excess sugar is considered one of the main causes of premature aging. The more sugar we eat, the more sugar we have entering our bloodstream. Over time, this can result in a process known as glycation, which is when a glucose (sugar) molecule damages a protein molecule by sticking to it. The new molecules formed are called advanced glycation end-products, or AGEs. AGEs damage collagen in skin, cartilage, and ligaments and promote a loss of elasticity. Wrinkles form and skin begins to sag.

* Try This - It may seem impossible to reduce your sugar intake, but it can be done! A gradual approach works best. In the next week, choose one thing you're going to do to decrease the amount of sugar you consume. For example, start by cutting the amount of sugar in your daily coffee or tea by half. Every week, find another way you can decrease your sugar intake. Pretty soon, you'll be surprised at how far you've come!

Tip #5: Eat Some Good Fats
Essential fatty acids are simply fats your body cannot live without. They are needed to make cell membranes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Essential fats are thought to keep your heart healthy, fight inflammation, and possibly prevent cancer. They are also particularly important to people with inflammatory conditions such as eczema and acne, and also for people with dry skin. People with essential fat deficiency sometimes notice bumps on the backs of their arms. Here are my suggestions on getting more essential fats:

* Flaxseed and walnut oil - Use flaxeed oil or walnut oil with balsamic vinegar as a salad dressing. Be sure to keep these oils refrigerated. They should not be heated or used for cooking.
* Cold water fish - Sardines are a good source of essential fats. Salmon is another good source, however these salmon accumulate toxic polychlorinated biphenyls (otherwise known as PCBs) in their body fat during the 95 percent of their lives they spend at sea.
* Supplements - Consider fish oil supplements.

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Information on Green Tea Diet

For centuries now, the benefits of green tea diets have been the subject of countless writings and scientific investigations.

More than four thousand years ago, green tea diet has become a staple beverage for most Asians because of its countless health and medicinal benefits. It is said that the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung was the first one to have discovered green tea diet. Emperor Shen Nung was reported to have been boiling water when some leaves of a nearby plant fell into his pot. The leaves actually came from Camellia sinensis, the herb from which green tea diet is extracted.

Having a green tea diet is associated with several health benefits. One of the benefits of having a green tea diet is providing a potential cure for cancer. According to some studies, certain substances in green tea diet can destroy cancel cells without harming any neighboring healthy tissues. This substance in green tea diets is called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

The results of the study on the cancer benefit of green tea diets were astounding and it led to further more researches that investigate other aspects of green tea diet. In a study conducted by American and Swiss scientists in the University of Geneva, it has been found that the EGCG found in green tea diets can increase the 24-hour energy expenditure of the body. They concluded that this is due to the ability of antioxidants present in green tea diet to stimulate thermogenesis, otherwise known as fat metabolism. According to their findings, people who were on a green tea diet exhibited a significant four percent increase in their normal metabolic rates. This led the scientists to conclude that green tea diet has a major contributing factor in weight loss.

Another study conducted in China was designed to investigate further on green tea diet’s weight loss benefit. They decided that since green tea diet can significantly increase fat metabolism, then green tea diet probably would help lowering down cholesterol levels as well. Their hypothesis was proven when they introduced green tea diet on 240 people with mild to extremely high cholesterol levels. After only twelve weeks, they observed that those on a green tea diet dropped sixteen percent in their cholesterol levels.

Based on the above study, it can also be hypothesized that green tea diet can cure obesity. Green tea diet’s catechin polyphenols can delay the reaction of gastric and pancreatic lipases in the body. These enzymes are the ones responsible for storing calories into fats in the body. By delaying these enzymes, green tea diets can therefore lessen fat concentration and prevent obesity in people.

A truly remarkable beverage, green tea diet is used to improve the body’s health in many ways. Further studies were made on the benefits of green tea diets. The latest ones were able to prove that green tea diet can effectively protect the skin from damage due to ultraviolet light radiation. Green tea diet is also widely recognized as a substance that can protect against many different cancers such as stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, cancer of the colon, oral cancer, prostate cancer, and breast and cervical cancers.

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The more one meditates and the more one is more mindful in daily life, the greater the sense of “connectedness” to all other things. The experience of self becomes inclusive of all things rather then exclusive. What is self anyway? Ponder that question; it is a good analytical contemplation.

A useful way of developing the sense of selflessness further is to consider whom you love and respect, and gradually widen the net. Probably you love yourself. If you think you do not, contemplate that notion and you should find that what you really mean is you dislike certain traits about yourself. at heart you want to change those traits. Why? Because you love yourself; if not, why would you brother wanting to change?

Next, consider who else you love and respect. Probably they will be your parents or children and other close friends. You dislike your parents? No! it just hurts to know that you do not get on with them, or they have favored someone else rather than you. If you did not love them, their indifference to you would brother you so much.

When you look closely, you will see that you categorize people into three groups: those you love and/or respect (in varying degrees), those you dislike and/or do not respect (in varying degrees), and those to whom you are completely indifference. In a way, people in the latter group are the ones who exacerbate your isolation, because at least you have some connection with and acknowledgement of the people in the other groups, whether in a positive or negative way.

Actually, another other contemplation exercise is to consider why you dislike certain people. Most people find that they dislike certain people mainly because they have the same irritating traits they see within themselves. In other words, they cannot bear to be reminded of themselves. Once again, the long-term solution is acceptance. Once accepted, things usually seem to improve. Try it and see.

So, widen your net to include those people you quite like. Add in those you dislike and reflect on the certainty that they are somebody’s son or daughter .
They could just a easily have been your son or daughter if time and space had worked out differently. Lastly, include all those to whom you are indifferent. That is more difficult, because you do not have such a strong point of reference about them on which to latch your mind. This is a classic technique and it works well. It gets easier the more you do it. You could call it a love and compassion meditation.

Now you know another kind of meditation love and compassion. As I’ve written formerly, you should know the other two meditation, analytical meditataion and stabilizing meditation.

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Life is mostly unsatisfactory

What appears to motivate many people to embark upon meditation is the realization that life is basically unsatisfactory. Again, we know this at an intellectual level, because even if life is great now, we know that sooner or latter we will die, and we really do not want to go through that. If our some reason we do want to die, then it must be because life is very unsatisfactory at present. So, because we want to be happy, we want to be free from the causes of discontent. By observing and contemplating discontent, we see that dissatisfaction is an integral component of our lives, and the amount of suffering in the world is incalculable. For example, just by considering the wildlife in your garden, it becomes clear that all creatures are basically trying to kill each other or trying to avoid being killed, with a little eating and reproducing going on in between. We might[ or might not] be in a less acutely blind or desperate situation, but still we find that almost everything we do is based on some underlying element of fear: fear of not being accepted, fear of being ‘left on the shelf ’, fear of losing out, and so on. And what does fear imply? It implies that we suspect the cause of our own suffering is nearby, so we want to side-step out of its way.

We can be happy and contented for very long periods of time, but in a way, that can add to our problem. Being too comfortable makes us complacent. Why strive for anything, if it is all there at hand? That is fine if it will always be there, but we need to realize that the good times will not last forever. They may not even last into the next second, because the future is completely unpredictable. We have three choices:

· We can become completely paranoid about our situation and life in general, worrying about suffering all the time, and feel guilty about any form of pleasure and happiness that might creep into our miserable existence.

· We can turn a blind eye to all sufferings and levels of discontent while things are going well, and deal with any pain when it ’unexpectedly’ arises.

· We can do what it takes to truly understand the nature and inevitability of suffering, so that we can deal with it with equanimity.

On the surface, this whole concept seems a bit gloomy. We re going to die”; “ death is probably painful”; “ life itself is full of anguish; if not now, sooner or later it will be”. The point is, life does contain suffering. Pain and disappointment do not hurt less just because you did not see them coming. worrying about their presence and inevitability also does not help. Quite the contrary. So what can we do? We can learn to understand and accept them, and meditating on the nature of suffering is a good way forward.

Meditation does not aim to reject or anaesthetize pain, or help us escape form life. Rather, it gives us a deeper understanding so that we can accept life with grace. Certain sufferings are inevitable for all of us: grief, illness, death, separation, rejection and so on. other sufferings arise out of our narrow vision of life: our lack of wider understanding, which give rice to fear, anger, envy and other emotional states. Mindfulness of suffering is not about dwelling upon discontent, but a means to help us understand that both avoiding and grasping create suffering for us. Meditation can therefore can help us to learn about the nature of suffering and the means to reduce its impact on ourselves through the development of balance, understanding and compassion.

As an analytical contemplation on suffering, just remind yourself that everything is cyclic. Therefore, if you are suffering a painful low, it has to be balanced by euphoric high, and vice-versa. Part of problem is the contrast between a high and the low. Meditation will encourage us to dwell more in the mid-point between those extremes, which, on balance, is much more ’satisfactory’.

The ultimate goal of meditation Practice in eastern philosophical tradition is to get out of the cycle of suffering and euphoria altogether; to reach a state of ‘liberation’ from it all.

Whether or not you achieve that ideal in this life, the practice of meditation clearly leads to a deeper sense of content. You need to do it regularly to experience what this means. Also, observe those who are really doing it wholeheartedly and extensively. They generally exhibit more sustained joy and contentment than the average person.

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Impermanence that Mindfulness Can Bring

Impermanence in Mindfulness Meditation is a very interesting topic. First, we have to remember that nothing lasts forever, and all things are subject to change. Even a mountain will eventually erode away. This is impermanence, of which we all have an innate appreciation and understanding. Indeed, we have solid experience of it when we have lost something or are disappointed in some way. However , when things are going well, we tend to forget about the impermanent nature of things.

Our natural tendency is to strive of order, permanence and certainty. Thus, until we gain a proper understanding of impermanence, we will tend to fill that we are victims of the unpredictability of life. So rather than expending our energies trying to control everything, an understanding of impermanence teaches us to be responsive to all things, but to hold on to nothing.

Through the practice of mindfulness, and a truly deep and profound understanding of it is considered a major step towards a significant expansion of consciousness. Therefore, the contemplation of impermanence is a widely practiced analytical meditation, specially within the Buddhist traditions.

One may be tempted to thing of stabilizing and analytical meditation as hierarchical levels of practice, with analytical contemplation ultimately offering a deeper potential for true understanding. Intellectual understanding is no more or less true than experiential understanding. Both are, in a way. Two sides of the same coin. both practices give ’insight’ in different ways. For example, an immediate experiential insight into impermanence can be achieved through the stabilizing practice of drawing the mind to various sensations that arise within your body during meditation. An obvious sensation is the postural, knee and foot pain that may result from sitting still. The interesting thing is that these pains not only arise but also subside if they are observed rather than fought.

A method of insight [vipassana] meditation that has spread out of burma from the Theravada Buddhist tradition emphasizes the mindfulness if bodily sensation as a core practice. The method involves a period of anapana initially to stabilize the mind, followed buy the resting of one’s mind upon any sensation that arises in the body. One technique to facilitate this process is to scan the body from head feet in a specific sequence (a sport of ‘active’ stabilizing meditation), which tends to highlight sensations of varying intensities lasting varying lengths of time always subside or move. Or sensations, whether pleasant, unpleasant or neutral, are given equal attention. In the beginning, only the more gross sensations such a pain and temperature might be perceived, but as mindfulness increases, we become mindful of our relationship, attitudes and reactions to those sensation. As the practice develops, an enhanced appreciation of the nature of change and the inherent non-solidity within the body is gained. With experience, meditators can skip or minimize the scanning stage and simply allow their consciousness to be drown to sensations wherever they arise.

This sound simple, and it is, but as usual, it is not easy. Our mind, if not ‘encouraged’, much prefers to daydream and fantasize. For most people, especially if they live Busy lives, it takes several days for them to build up to this type of meditation. Therefore, it is best done within a retreat environment of ten days or so.

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Best Hair Loss Products

Nowadays hair loss is not only a concern for males but also for females. Hair loss affects directly one’s self-confidence and also creates mental humiliation. Hence there are lots of really good hair loss products available on the market.
Hair growth products are available in many forms: natural essential oils, natural herbs, conventional drugs, shampoos, serums, lotions and conditioners. Nowadays there are so many hair loss products available on the market with the intention to stop or prevent hair loss. Finasteride, Minoxidil, and Rogainne are the commonly used best hair loss products. Finasteride is extensively used for treating hair loss and is sold in pharmacies as Propecia. This product should be used by men only.
Another very popular hair loss product is called Rogaine and is available at drugstores. Rogaine has to be applied twice daily for 3 to 4 months to get any positive results.
Minoxidil is very much used for hair loss among younger men. It is also considered to be a very effective hair loss product. But using hair loss products such as Minoxidil continually may lead to side effects such as a itchy scalp. There might be other complications if these products are used for hair loss treatment for a long time.
Dr.Proctor’s Hair re-growth shampoo is one of the best hair loss products made naturally without any chemical mixing. It has been widely used by hair loss sufferers due to its easy application. People around the world use re-growth shampoo for treating hair loss. There is another product called Life Extension Shampoo that supports healthy hair.
ViViscal shampoo, Thymuskin, and Hair genesis are some of the best hair loss products, which are used for hair treatment. Thymuskin is more effective (95%)) in female than male (67%) for treating hair loss. This hair loss shampoo clears the hair follicle from debris, dirt, oil and other waste. The main advantage of thymuskin is that it consists of thymus peptides that diffuse deep into the hair follicles to clean them.
Viviscal shampoo also helped a lot of people treating hair loss. This shampoo helps to maintain the hair hale and healthy. Apart from this, the shampoo treats hair loss and thinning of hair. Viviscal products are available in all forms including scalp lotion, conditioner and tablets. Hair genesis products are also available as conditioner, topical serum, oral supplements, and hair re growth shampoo. Hair genesis is especially favored by females. The main action of Hair Genesis is stopping the action of DHT blockers. Revivogen, Tricomin, and Nisim products are also available for treating hair loss.

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Hair Loss Help That Commonly Available

Looking for hair loss help? You are not alone. Even you can prevent hair loss, but it's not always succesfull. And when it happens, you surely will need a hair loss help.

Many women and men are looking for hair loss help. Curing hair loss is very important, since it is a problem affecting one’s social life. Most of us feel that the outer appearance is an important thing to be successful. Hence there is great need for hair loss help products.

Hair loss help treatments are available in different forms such as medicines, lotions, and shampoos. To choose the drug that is right for you, you first need to figure out the cause of your hair loss. There are many reasons for losing hair: aging, heredity and hormonal imbalance. DHT, Dihydrotestosterone is an important precursor for hair loss. DHT will block the flow of essential nutrient to the hair, which in turn stops healthy hair growth.

Saw Palmetto is a powerful herb that lowers the DHT in the body by 5 alpha-reductase blockades. Saw Palmetto stops hair loss by blocking the cell membrane receptor sites in the hair follicle where DHT might get absorbed.

Another herb called Nettle Root also provides hair loss cure by preventing two enzymes viz., aromatase and 5 alpha-reductase, which makes estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) respectively. Research confirmed that these two enzymes have been blocked completely by the Nettle Root extract.

A cure of hair loss can also be achieved by choosing the medications that block DHT. Hair Genesis, NuGen, and Revivogen are the most suitable medications to block DHT in the scalp. Out of these three products, Revivogen is the most popular one. It fights against the thinning of hair by minimizing the DHT level in the scalp.

Viviscal, Nisim, Folligen and Tricomin are the commonly available shampoos, scalp lotions and conditioners that help to stop hair loss. Viviscal is used extensively for hair loss help. It is available in tablet form also. Folligen is available with copper peptides to treat hair loss. Tricomin is available in three forms as spray, shampoo and conditioner. It also contains copper.

Trace minerals such as Zinc and magnesium also help to stop hair loss. Zinc is mainly helpful in fighting against skin problems such as boils, sore throats and acne. In addition to this, Zinc plays a crucial role in cell division.

Though there are so many medicines are available to help treating hair loss, only two medications (Rogaine and Propecia) have been approved by the FDA. Hair loss help by using Rogaine and Propecia are used by men oll over the world.

And don't forget, there are hair loss vitamins that can be used as a natural hair loss help too.

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Biotin and Hair Loss- an Overview

It is onehundred percent true that Biotin plays an important role in the prevention of hair loss. According to nutritionists biotin is an important vitamin for hair growth. It is also highly advisable to take biotin in addition to other medcial treatments such Minoxidil, Poscar or Propecia.
Biotin and hair loss are inter related. Deficiency of biotin may cause unhealthy and breakage of hair, which might finally lead to hair loss. Biotin is an important component not only to new hair growth but also keeps the skin and nails in perfect health.
Try to avoid raw eggs in your diet since the high amount of protein contained in raw egg binds biotin and makes it non-available to the body which in turn causes deficiency of biotin and hair loss. Always use shampoo, which is enriched with biotin and silica for preventing hair loss.
Supplements are necessary to restore B12 levels, which will completely prevent hair loss. Since Biotin and hair loss are closely related, it is highly advisable to include biotin regularly in your food. Food containing a lot of biotin are egg yolks and liver. You would have to consume thousands of calories daily to get what your hair needs. That’s why I suggest biotin supplements.
People with blood type A don’t have the ability to absorb B vitamins. As we already know Biotin, a family member of Vitamin B, is required for hair growth. Adding high doses of 5—8 grams to your food twice daily will prevent hair loss extensively. No side effects are known.
Biotin and hair loss are closely related. So good food full of biotin include brewer’s yeast, green peas, oats, soybeans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, green peas, bulgur and brown rice may definitely help to prevent hair loss.
You should be aware that persons with heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD that are taking antacids may absorb biotin less and hair loss may definitely occur. So avoid over-the-counter medications of antacids for better assimilation of Biotin and hair loss prevention.
Biotin is hair food! If you suffer from hair loss I highly recommend taking a biotin supplement and using a biotin enriched shampoo.

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Mindfulness Meditation Basic Tips

If you are doing mindfulness meditation, then this tips will help you a lot. Actually, just by doing nothing, we already doing something.

“Mindfulness practice is simple and completely feasible. Just by sitting and doing nothing, we are doing a tremendous amount.”

In mindfulness, or shamatha, meditation, we are trying to achieve a mind that is stable and calm. What we begin to discover is that this calmness or harmony is a natural aspect of the mind. Through mindfulness practice we are just developing and strengthening it, and eventually we are able to remain peacefully in our mind without struggling. Our mind naturally feels content.
An important point is that when we are in a mindful state, there is still intelligence. It’s not as if we blank out. Sometimes people think that a person who is in deep meditation doesn’t know what’s going on—that it’s like being asleep. In fact, there are meditative states where you deny sense perceptions their function, but this is not the accomplishment of shamatha practice.

Creating a Favorable Environment

There are certain conditions that are helpful for the practice of mindfulness. When we create the right environment it’s easier to practice.
It is good if the place where you meditate, even if it’s only a small space in your apartment, has a feeling of upliftedness and sacredness. It is also said that you should meditate in a place that is not too noisy or disturbing, and you should not be in a situation where your mind is going to be easily provoked into anger or jealousy or other emotions. If you are disturbed or irritated, then your practice is going to be affected.

Beginning the Practice

I encourage people to meditate frequently but for short periods of time—ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes. You can even meditate in a very short time if you don’t have enough time. If you force it too much the practice can take on too much of a personality, and training the mind should be very, very simple. So you could meditate for ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening, and during that time you are really working with the mind. Then you just stop, get up, and go.
Often we just plop ourselves down to meditate and just let the mind take us wherever it may. We have to create a personal sense of discipline. When we sit down, we can remind ourselves: “I’m here to work on my mind. I’m here to train my mind.” It’s okay to say that to yourself when you sit down, literally. We need that kind of inspiration as we begin to practice.


The Buddhist approach is that the mind and body are connected. The energy flows better when the body is erect, and when it’s bent, the flow is changed and that directly affects your thought process. So there is a yoga of how to work with this. We’re not sitting up straight because we’re trying to be good schoolchildren; our posture actually affects the mind.
People who need to use a chair for meditation should sit upright with their feet touching the ground. Those using a meditation cushion such as a zafu or gomden should find a comfortable position with legs crossed and hands resting palm-down on your thighs. The hips are neither rotated forward too much, which creates tension, nor tilted back so you start slouching. You should have a feeling of stability and strength.
When we sit down the first thing we need to do is to really inhabit our body—really have a sense of our body. Often we sort of prop ourselves up and pretend we’re practicing, but we can’t even feel our body; we can’t even feel where it is. Instead, we need to be right here. So when you begin a meditation session, you can spend some initial time settling into your posture. You can feel that your spine is being pulled up from the top of your head so your posture is elongated, and then settle.
The basic principle is to keep an upright, erect posture. You are in a solid situation: your shoulders are level, your hips are level, your spine is stacked up. You can visualize putting your bones in the right order and letting your flesh hang off that structure. We use this posture in order to remain relaxed and awake. The practice we’re doing is very precise: you should be very much awake even though you are calm. If you find yourself getting dull or hazy or falling asleep, you should check your posture.


For strict mindfulness practice, the gaze should be downward focusing a couple of inches in front of your nose. The eyes are open but not staring; your gaze is soft. We are trying to reduce sensory input as much as we can. People say, “Shouldn’t we have a sense of the environment?” but that’s not our concern in this practice. We’re just trying to work with the mind and the more we raise our gaze, the more distracted we’re going to be. It’s as if you had an overhead light shining over the whole room, and all of a sudden you focus it down right in front of you. You are purposefully ignoring what is going on around you. You are putting the horse of mind in a smaller corral.


When we do shamatha practice, we become more and more familiar with our mind, and in particular we learn to recognize the movement of the mind, which we experience as thoughts. We do this by using an object of meditation to provide a contrast or counterpoint to what’s happening in our mind. As soon as we go off and start thinking about something, awareness of the object of meditation will bring us back. We could put a rock in front of us and use it to focus our mind, but using the breath as the object of meditation is particularly helpful because it relaxes us.
As you start the practice, you have a sense of your body and a sense of where you are, and then you begin to notice the breathing. The whole feeling of the breath is very important. The breath should not be forced, obviously; you are breathing naturally. The breath is going in and out, in and out. With each breath you become relaxed.


No matter what kind of thought comes up, you should say to yourself, “That may be a really important issue in my life, but right now is not the time to think about it. Now I’m practicing meditation.” It gets down to how honest we are, how true we can be to ourselves, during each session.
Everyone gets lost in thought sometimes. You might think, “I can’t believe I got so absorbed in something like that,” but try not to make it too personal. Just try to be as unbiased as possible. Mind will be wild and we have to recognize that. We can’t push ourselves. If we’re trying to be completely concept-free, with no discursiveness at all, it’s just not going to happen.
So through the labeling process, we simply see our discursiveness. We notice that we have been lost in thought, we mentally label it “thinking”—gently and without judgment—and we come back to the breath. When we have a thought—no matter how wild or bizarre it may be—we just let it go and come back to the breath, come back to the situation here.
Each meditation session is a journey of discovery to understand the basic truth of who we are. In the beginning the most important lesson of meditation is seeing the speed of the mind. But the meditation tradition says that mind doesn’t have to be this way: it just hasn’t been worked with.
What we are talking about is very practical. Mindfulness practice is simple and completely feasible. And because we are working with the mind that experiences life directly, just by sitting and doing nothing, we are doing a tremendous amount.

So, start now even only with a 45 seconds meditations.

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Breathing Tests for Free

I just surfed the web and found out this interesting web site about breathing test. I never thought before that our breathe efficiency can be measured online. And the best yet to come, it’s totally free. On that site, you only have to answer a few question and practice some instruction that can be done by yourself. The site itself said that “If you can't measure it you can't manage it.” I believe it’s true, if you want to manage something, you have to be able to measure it so you will be able to determine your target and know the result of your improvement. I took this article about breathing test from that web site.

How good is YOUR breathing?Take our Free Breathing Tests and see!

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Did you know that findings resulting from a 5,200-person clinical study group observed over a 30-year span showed that pulmonary function measurement is an indicator of general health and vigor and literally the primary measure of potential life span? Go straight to test

Did you know that the average person reaches peak respiratory function and lung capacity in their mid 20's? Then they begin to lose respiratory capacity: between 9 and 25% for every decade of life! So, unless you are doing something to maintain or improve your breathing capacity, it will decline, and with it, your general health, your life expectancy, and for that matter, your spirit too!

Did you know that given an optimal diet, the respiratory system should be responsible for eliminating 70% of your metabolic waste? The remainder should be eliminated thru defecation 3%, urination 8%, and perspiration 19%. So, if you think that going to the bathroom everyday is important, or that working up a good sweat now and then is healthy, think again about the value of full free optimal breathing!

Did you know that most people have unhealthy breathing habits? They hold their breath or breathe high in the chest or in a shallow, irregular manner. These patterns have been unconsciously adopted, accidentally formed, or emotionally impressed. Certain "typical" breathing patterns actually trigger physiological and psychological stress and anxiety reactions!

For good to optimal health, you must:

  • Learn how well you breathe.
  • Learn what that may have to do with your overall state of health.
  • Learn how to develop your breathing to optimize it, increase your energy, improve your health and strengthen everything else that is effected by good or bad breathing. Breath is life
  • Pay particular attention to the answers that contain UDB.
Heart attacks, cancer, strokes, pneumonia, asthma, speech problems and almost every disease known to mankind is worsened or improved by how well we breathe, the quality of our respiration.

According to several European medical doctors and numerous Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Hawaiian and Native American healers and spiritual teachers, there are at least 200 conditions of life and diseases that relate directly to incorrect breathing. America's own Dr. Andrew Weil states that "Improper breathing is a common cause of ill health."

Self-evaluation of respiratory deterioration was significantly predictive of death from all causes. Kauffmann F, Annesi I, Chwalow J -Epidemiological Research Unit INSERM U 209, Villejuif, France. European Respiratory Journal 2090 Nov; 2822:2888-2828
People who breathe optimally rarely or never get sick. They live a lot longer too!

If you can't measure it you can't manage it. For that, you need breathing test. There are ways of your telling yourself how good your breathing is and the relationship to how long and healthy you may live due to good or bad breathing. There are simple painless breathing skills, techniques, exercises, non-exercises, drugless and dietary ways of rapidly developing your breathing regardless of who or where you are and what condition you are in.

Well, some of those breath exercise can be found here. Most of them are simple, easy and only cost you a little time and effort. Really! You should try them yourself after taking your breathing test.

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